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cherry shrimp question

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i have mabe two different kinds of rcs.looking at franks aquarium,he shows one from taiwan,and the other from singapore.the later i purchased from a lfs as algae eating shrimp.too small to see for sure what they really the past i've gotten rainbow there,and they were to small to say exactly what they were allso.six months later i have a shrimp that looks exactly like the singapore.what gives?more than one kind of rcs?i can understand the hybrid factor with so many people having this shrimp nowadays.thank you,cornhusker:)
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Well, I don't think that Franks descriptions are very accurate on this one. You just have a cherry that has less color than the others. It is possible that you have some sort of hybrid, as "rainbow shrimp" is a generic name given to unknown species of shrimp, BUT odds are it is just an run of the mill cherry shrimp!
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