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cherry shrimp in a 29 gallon

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I have aprox. 15 cherry shrimp in a 29 gallon aquarium along with 11 pygmy cory's. The tank has pool filter sand on the bottom and is filtered by an AquaClear 110 filter, which I know is way over doing it, with a rigged sponge from another AC Filter over the intake. I bought my first female red shrimp (pregnant) at That Fish Place in Lancaster Pa. in July and a few weeks later she down loaded a mess of young, of the young which are quite large now I have a good 4-5 females and the same in males. I bought 1 male and 2 female adult shrimp at the local fish store for 1.10 each Saturday to go along with the others, which will help in the inbreeding.
I have a question concerning the shrimp and the cory's, will the cory's eggs/babies get eaten by the shrimp when they decide to do there thing. I was told that these two the cory and shrimp work great together and the shrimp wouldn't bother any. THANKS.
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Bye the way how many shrimp would be allowable in this size tank and what filter would be good for the tank in replacement of the AC 110, I thought that an AC 50 would work, what do you think?
I'd start selling or giving the shrimp away at about a hundred or when you start seeing adults all over the place.

The cory's are more likely to eat their own eggs than the shrimp.
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