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Hi all! I'm looking for some *cheap* cherry shrimp to start a colony in my newly cycled paludarium. They don't have to be beautiful; culls are just fine. If I have luck with them I may upgrade to prettier ones later on. Right now I just need a small experimental colony before I stock any microfish.

I'm pretty experienced with both fish and plants. I've also kept ghost shrimp and black-fingered mud crabs; some individuals for years. I promise any cherry shrimp will get a good home with appropriate water, food, and hiding spots. This will also serve to determine if my experimental mattenfilter is appropriate for a shrimp tank.

I want to go for cheap shrimp before I go for nice ones. If we could keep the price at or below $1 per shrimp shipped I'd be better able to afford it.

If I'm successful in keeping RCS, some will likely end up in my classroom as well.

If you can help me I'd REALLY appreciate it! Otherwise, best of luck to you in your aquaria!
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