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Cherry Shrimp Dying at Night

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I have a 10g tank that has been setup for about 3 months. There is a good amount of java moss and water sprite in the tank. I started with 10 cherry shrimp about a month ago, and now I only have 3 (one male, two female). They seem to be dying slowly during the night, and when my light turns on in the morning they are often very white looking.

My kH is 4-5, gH 7-8, pH 7.8, nitrates 5-10, ammonia/nitrites 0, Cu 0. Temp is around 74-76.

None of my females have become berried yet, and one that arrived berried had the shrimp fry but they disappeared (I assume they died as I haven't seen them in two weeks). There are some pond snails in the tank as well.

Any suggestions?