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No fish with shrimp!! Except ottos. I just spent two hours fishing out endlers from a used tank I purchased last night. Got a great deal- from an awesome lady member. But I had great concerns about the mix of endlers and cherry shrimp. This morning I noticed an endler with antenna hanging out of it's mouth!

Bought a 20g long for the endlers and left the cherries in the Ada 60p. What a job. After the endlers were in their new home I noticed some action in their tank. Darn! There was a juvi cherry that got in with them. Pack of hyenas best describes it. Got it out but it confirms it for me- No fish other than ottos with shrimp.

Edited to add: I love to see the shrimp's behavior when they are able to roam the tank freely. So for me I will not keep shrimp with fish as any eaten shrimp is
an unnecessary loss. Others may choose to see it differently- but don't act surprised when the fish do what is natural to them.
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