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Cherry Shrimp Acting like Frog. No Joke

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Ok This is awesome but it concerns me haha. My Cherry Shrimp , Only 2 of them do this, are literally Sitting on top of my frogbit.

They are completely fine and are bright red and no signs of stress. My water is very clean and nothing out of the ordinary.

The shrimp is still under the water but its head is for sure above the water. Is this normal? Will try to get pics.

Oh and when I push the frogbit down it swims normally under water but then 30 mins later its above water. I have about 35 Cherry Shrimp in my tank and the other shrimp are doing normal behavior, munching, swimming, grazing.
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That can be a sign of ammonia toxicity or nitrite toxicity... In general terms they are having trouble breathing.

Do you have CO2 on your tank? The others may just be too brain dead from oxygen deprivation to move to the top of the tank.

I would do the whole gauntlet of water tests before accepting this as normal behavior.
My shrimp crawl out pretty often. No worries dude.
Just out of curiousity though, what are water parameters?
Blah well my test kit is expired and works really... well it doesnt work at all haha. I'll get a kit tomorrow when its payday. But I do keep up with normal weekly tank changes and clean up any waste, if any, my shrimp leave behind. Tank is very heavily planted too
Just did haha. They seem a little better. I guess? Well they didnt seem too different to begin with. I know they arent stressed or anything because my berried shrimp are still holding there eggs fine.
Mine usually crawl out onto the driftwood where the filter runs over them its not too weird. Lol
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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