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For a couple of days now my Cherry Barbs are going crazy, I have 3 males & 3 females, one of the females has a fat belly but I haven't seen any eggs fall yet but the males are driving her crazy by chasing her and doing the mating rub. It's really cool to watch as long as she doesn't deceide to jump out of the tank and from time to time she will out smart the males by blending into the school of Rummynosed or hiding in the plant leaves.

These fish are in a 150 gallon community tank and via youtube I've learned they scatter their eggs during this chase, some may fall into the subtrate and hatch I hope but I guess it's going to be a slim chance for any fry to make it to maturity. I have some Ricca & Peacock moss in the mail but I doubt even this will help much.

I wish there were some way for me to share this with you but these guys are flying around the tank so fast there is just no way for me to capture it.
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