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Cherry Barbs breeding Q??

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So I got a pair of Cherry Barbs just because the male was the deepest red I had ever scene and they only sold them in pairs. I didn't think they would breed since there 3 otos and 6 rummy nose tetras in with them. But yesterday during a WC, I saw a little guy under my driftwood with moss.

My questions are:
1 - Are they strong/smart enough not to get sucked into the canister filter I have? I already have poor circulation, so I don't want to put on a pre-filter pad.
2 - I don't want in-breeding or for the male to kill it if the baby is a male. When should I move them to my 5G?

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When they're very young they can be sucked into the intake of your filter. So, if you don't put a pre-filter of some kind on it, there's an element of risk.
If your tank is heavily planted and only moderately populated like yours, the fry has a chance of survival in the tank. More than likely, it will make it so long as there is food small enough for it to ingest in the tank.
I find 10-15 shrimp and 4-5 platys in the XP3's ever time I clean them (once a month). I spend more time sorting them out from the gunk than the rest of the R&R process. It gets really old but the thought of them gasping in the front lawn forces me to carry on. lol

thanks for the input guys. Guess I'll take a look in the filter and get a sponge filter pad to go around the intake line.
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