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Check these paremeters

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Just got these results, anything sound off, if so how could I change it

75 gallon planted tank, no CO2

KH 2 drops 20-80 ppm
GH 2 drops 0-60 soft
PH 7
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0 ppm
Nitrates 10-20 ppm
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I think it is a matter of what do you want in your tank (and what do you currently have). The PH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrates look perfect. The dKH and dGH are probably really good for some fish/plant/invertebrates and less than ideal for others. The advice I've heard on this forum and that I've taken to heart is to stock based on your water conditions instead of trying to modify your water conditions to stock. Consistency is is what you will want.
Thanks for the advice , I'm looking to get some more fish , currently I only have
1 angel
2 platies
1 molly
4 minnows
1 bristlenose pleco
2 ottos
Any fish you recommend , other than the obvious mollies platies etc
Well your water parameters looks good. Nothing to worry about there. If you plan on doing anything with plants a bit higher GH might be a good idea.
When it comes to the fish you have what I would say a pretty unhealthy mix. You cannot provide ideal conditions without some of the fish getting out of their "zone".
Your platies and molly need a bit higher Ph 7+ and the molly wants a little salt in the tank but the others do not. Your livebearers need a higher water hardness think around 10ish is recommended both for the platies and mollyies.

The other fishes does best at lower phs around 6-6.5 and softer water. Also your angel should get a tank mate and same for the molly, ottos are a schooling fish so two of them sounds a bit mean :p

I would recommend you getting your current stock properly taken care of before adding more. And consider returning or giving away the molly/platie or the others. When that is sorted out the most interesting fish are probably dwarf chiclids (if you decide to go lower ph and softer water), like apistogrammas or something. They tend to be rather aggressive, more so when spawning. So hiding places and not so sensitive fish are a good idea as tank mates.
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