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Check out my 7" of pleasure ;)

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Ok ladies, don't be shocked...

Gentlemen, don't be jealous...

I finally whipped it out and got a pic of my 7" of pleasure...

Yeah, my favorite clown loach.

Sorry, the tank is kind of dirty, but this guy is hard to get a pic of. Any opportunity is the best opportunity.
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OMG what are you giving him to eat. Small children. I knew they got that size but DANG.:eek5:
Many years ago, I saw 4 clown loaches that were like a foot long each in a fishtank here in NYC...

quite scary when they are that big! :icon_eek: :eek5: :fish:
So chubby! So Cuuuuute! That's awesome!
I feed my loaches, as well as the rest of my fish, FBW, Hikari Sinking Carnivore pellets, Mysis shrimp, freeze dried plankton, frozen peas (thawed & skinned), and blanched zuchini. The loaches love FBW and the Hikari carnivore pellets. The biggest barely eats it, but engulfs them.

This is what it and the rest looked like last year in September, with the biggest only about 6"...

And here's a pic of the same loach (4") on May 2006, just before I moved it into my 125 gallon...

Strangley, it grew about an inch within 4 months. The rapid growth seem to be when I moved it into my 125 gallon. It's taken another year just to have it grow another inch.
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