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Cheap Tools

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Just wondering if anyone knew where I can get cheap landscaping tools.

Is it possible to find really, really long scissors and perhaps really long tweezers?

I know ADA has some but they are a little too expensive.
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try thriftshops/pawnshops maybe? Also there's a place over here called Industrial liquidators, and I can't really come up with a good way to describe it other than....they have almost everything. Those types of places might work out for you. Goodluck.

edit: oh, and maybe ebay?
xcooperx has a thread in the Swap n Shop...maybe he can get some other types?
I ordered the 3 piece set of ADA style tools from aquaticmagic on ebay.

They are about 20 shipped if you get an auction, or you can do a best offer for around the same or 25 maybe.

Still awaiting mine, so we will see.

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I got this five piece set with case:

...for about $36 including shipping and I'm VERY happy with them: Aquarium Tools on Ebay.

They're well-made, heavy, stainless steel, and plenty long for a ten gallon tank ~ scissors are sharp, too. I still get my hands wet, but if they were any longer I wouldn't be able to reach all the way in to my tanks that are on shelves. There are two sets of scissors and two tweezers ~ one of each are straight and one of each are curved. You'd think you wouldn't need one of each, but I'm finding I use them all regularly. The curved scissors are great for trimming things close to the substrate (you don't have to put your entire arm in to get the angle right), but not so much for trimming taller plants higher up ~ there's where the straight scissors are great. The straight tweezers are good for grabbing things, while not so good for planting ~ the curved ones are excellent for planting. And I even use the substrate leveler more than I thought I would.

There's a thread around here somewhere where a few others have also bought them and are happy with them. Really nice for the price.
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