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Cheap substitute for Eheim taps

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One of my Eheims has double taps for easy disconnection; the other doesn't. Suffice to say I notice the difference. Of course, the genuine Eheim parts are absurdly expensive.

I currently use garden hose as a replacement for the Eheim hose (it's much sturdier). I'm looking into some sort of double tap arrangement (I know it's possible to get single taps, but haven't yet found a double one).

Are there any other cheap brands or alternatives?
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If your using garden hose, then why not get those quick disconnect things for using different sprinklers. If memory serves they are orange. Get them in the gardening isle of a hardware store
My experience with hose quickconnects from the hardware store is that they leak. If you decide to try that, buy the exact brand someone recommends to you. Not something to fool around with.
If you have one of the larger Eheims, you might be able to use regular plumbing parts. For each double tap you'd need two hose barbs, two threaded valves, two threaded couplings, and a threaded union. There are other ways you can do the same thing with slightly different parts, but because hose barbs are usually threaded, it makes sense to use threaded parts for everything.

Use teflon tape on the male threads of each connection and assemble in this order hose barb, valve, threaded coupling, union, threaded coupling, valve, hose barb.
I have some non-Eheims disconects on my 2215... How much are orginal Eheims?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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