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Cheap Solenoid?

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Does anyone know where I could buy a small, cheap solenoid valve? This is not for CO2 or water pressure, just for a dosing pump application that I am working on. Just a cheap little electro-magnetic thing that opens and closes.
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What voltage?
What port size?
Liquid or gas?
Voltage - doesn't matter 5V, 12V, 110V, as long as it is small and cheap. Needs to be open when not powered.

Port size - small... would like to connect it to regular airline tubing.

Not sure if for liquid or gas... I think gas. I know this sounds weird, but I am not 100% sure how to use this yet.

Basically I want to design an air driven fertilizer pump that pushes out a certain volume of concentrated liquid through silicone airlines. I need to restrict the outflow (that's where the solenoid comes into play) via a "T" during the dosing application. After a minute, the pump shuts off and the solenoid opens, which allows the tubing to refill.

A pinch valve would work too... something from the hobby store... whatever, as long as it is cheap (not much >$10)
Nah, looking for something that can be connected to a timer, and actuates via electricity, not thumb-power. :)

You missed the part about cheap, thanks though.

Bingo, that's close! Just need one that's normally open, and I am wondering if this works without pressure, or needs some minimum pressure at least.
You can get one from a compressor store, commonly refered to as the "auto bleed valve/ blow down solenoid". These are an add on to help drain tanks of the condensation built up. They are 110v ac with a built in timer/ duration of blow down. Set from 1 minute to 1 hour, with duration time in seconds.

Thanks, but I am feeling a faint doubt that this will be in my price range, plus it sounds like it is N/C.

Not looking for heavy duty... rather something for hobbyists like you and I.

I contacted the company that Snafu mentioned, to see if they have a N/O version of that same solenoid.
Ahh, nevermind. After much thinking I designed my own N/O super compact solenoid, made out of a plastic syringe, and an airline with a piece of latex glove rubber-banded to it. The airpump inflates the glove, the latex bubble closes the syringe, bingo, solenoid closed. Works like a charm... for my application.
What about using the electric value of an old washing machine. Easy to get to .I myself use them for my Halloween decor thay are 50 /60 hertz at 5 watts 110 there used for the hot and cold water. Hope this might have helped
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