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Although this was not my idea and I can't remember where I read about it, I recently tried using liquid soap/lotion dispensors for dosing ferts and it works great.

I bought several empty dispensor bottles from Walmart for $0.97 each. Measured how much liquid they contained and how much they dispensed per pump. To my suprise they dispense fairly consistant 5-10% variation per pump, provided the bottle is held straight up and pumped slowly and smoothly.

To make things easy I calculated how much dry ferts I needed to add to get 1 dose per pump for a 10gal tank. With the bottles I used I had to mix it fairly highly concentrated because it only dispensed 1.8mL per pump. The bottle only holds 110mL.

The neatest part is that I can dose my 10gal tank with 1 pump, my 29gal tank with 3 pumps, and my 55gal tank with 5 pumps.

The only measuring required is when mixing the bottle. I found this to be a major time saver for my non-automated tanks.
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