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I have some misc items for sale for pickup::nerd:
Pickup: Mineola Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm
Meetup: Massapequa to Huntington Saturday-Sunday

Will be organizing my lightly used equipment needing a new home. We can work out a pickup/delivery/meetup location on Long Island, or if in Manhattan my wife and I will be going in soon. Meetup Penn station or almost anywhere if we have the truck.

300 pounds of driftwood $3.50lb

15 5.5 gallon tanks $10.00 each
05 10 gallon tanks $8.00 each

Fire Water Ice reverse osmosis three stage $30.00 (been sitting around since I got it at an auction)

40/50/72 hour heatpacks $1.25 each

Misc. emerged buce $3.00 per 7-8 leaf rhizomes.

1 Weeping moss golfball $15.00 each
1 Spiky moss golf ball $6.00 each
4 Subwassertang golfball $5.00 each
30 Marimo balls $3.00 each

25 Echinodorus Parviflorus Tropica $3.00 each
20 Windelov java ferns $3.00 each
20 Pteropus java ferns $3.00 each

20 Ludwigua Glandulosa $.50 cents each
20 Hygro salicifolia long form $.50 cents each
20 Ludwigia repens $.50 cents each

30 Anubias petite 8-15+ leaf $3.50 each
08 Anubias coffeefolia $4.50 each
25 Anubias Wrinkle Leaf $6.00 each
25 Tonia Fluviatilis $2.00 each 6-7 inch

16 Crypt blassi $2.00 e.rhizome
16 Crypt lingua $2.00 e.rhizome
20 Crypt petchii $2.00 e.rhizome
17 Crypt Sri Lanka $2.00 e.rhizome cluster
30 Crypt Pygmea Emerged $2.00 e.rhizome

Chocolate shrimp $3.00 each
Snowball shrimp $2.50 each
Carbon blue/mixed $5.00 each
Sakura shrimp $3.00 each
Crystal blacks $5.00 each
Crystal reds $5.00 each
Golden shrimp $4.00 eaxh

25+ IAL almond leaves $9.00

Misc guppies/endler $free

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Cengerbogdan, what size tank do you want wood for and where are you from?
Depending on your location on the island, I can fill my trunk up with wood...

Seattle, I consider what I'm doing a restructure. Upgrading tanks to dual 55 gallon setups, its been a rather arduous process. Adding another 5 racks before I think I'm done? I never know how far to expand :^(
Getting married has limited my hobby time. Selling plants was never really profitable for me because my markups were always too low. People still e-mail me but I have not been too active in the forums.
I found that helping to setup/scape peoples tanks was a better goal long term but I'm still poking around but now behind the scenes!
Should have more plants sales in the future though :^)

Thanks for shout out Acro.

Message me Mr.cheese!
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