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Hello everyone!

My LFS has tasked me to sell their aquatic plants online.
This is their first venture into the online world, and I would like to extend their great prices to all of you guys.
They carry up to 15 species at a time, and the plants, usually 300 or so specimens, are housed in their 200 gallon display. All plants have GREAT ROOTS and are grown submerged! All orders will be packaged and picked by myself! These plants are great, since I have them in all of my 5 tanks as well.

Species include:
Bacopa amplexicaulis
Ludwigia repens
Amazon Swords
Argentine Swords
Java Fern
Lobelia cardinalis
Rotala indica
Gymnocoronis spylanthoides
Ammania gracillis
Elodea :p

Prices are:

$16.50 for a bundle of three of the plants. If you add a sword of any type to the bundle, add an extra $1. So a bundle with 4-7 stems of Ammania, 4-6 stems of ludwigia, and a LARGE 6 inch amazon sword will be $17.50.

The money-back, DOA policy only extends if the plant is shipped via priority mail.
Free shipping will be carried out via First Class Mail, and most packages are received within 3-4 days.
You can add an extra $5 dollars to your order to get expedited 2-3 day shipping.

Each of these plants, especially the bunched ones (Ammania, Elodea, Ludwigia, Rotala, Lobelia, etc.) includes roots. These are NOT cuttings!
Message me for payment details! :)


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