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Cheap pc bulbs vs brand name

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Is there a difference between a cheap ebay PC bulb vs say a brand name bulbe? I currently have 55 watts over my 20 and am not sure if that is enough lighting for some carpet plants (HC or glosso) but if I put another bulb in that would push my wattage to 110 watts with diy co2 which may be too much.

My main reason for asking is if a cheaper bulb doesn't efficiently utilize the ballast wattage, would having a cheaper bulb knock my wpg down? (which is what i want)
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cheap could result in fire. but so could a name brand one. just something to keep in mind. you get what you pay for it.
thus far I only have one experience you can draw upon;
a Chinese made PCF bulb from a company called Longstar
died after 3,000 hours when it was rated for 10,000 hours.
the same bulb went noticeably dim after only 2,000 hours.
like the saying goes; you get what you pay for...
Ived used the Coralife 6500K and 6500K/colormax combo, I'd call these name brand and expensive, about $10 more a bulb than the GE9325 that so many use. I like them but each burnt out within 3 months. The cheap Odyssea bulbs and some other cheap brand bulb I have are still burning after over a year, go figure. I've never heard anything bad about the coralifes so perhaps its just me. :confused:
Lol loaches that is pretty funny. Well is 110 too much you think or should I just stick with a single 55 for now?
Just measured my ph @ 6.4 but I don't have a kh kit yet
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