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My other half is demanding I clear out some space. My loss is your gain.

I've got two 10w LED flood lights that are roughly 900 lumen, 6500K, cool white. Always wanted one but didn't want to fool with wiring or three week shipping from Hong Kong? Here's your chance.

Great for standard 10gal tanks, perfect for 5.5gal, 12" cubes, Fluval Ebi/Flora, 45-F, Mini M and more. Two would be great on a 20gal.

Some photos above a 10gal with lots of tannin in the water:

Each internal wire is covered in heat shrink, the entire outer cable is covered in heat shrink and I'll wrap that all in black electrical tape to further protect things during shipping. Brand new with brand new power cords. One cord is about nine feet, the other is about ten.

If you want to use these directly above a tank more shallow than 12", let me know and I'll include some fiberglass window screen for free so you can cut down the light level.

  • $25 each + actual shipping (your preference: Parcel Post, Priority, etc) for less than 2 pounds. Shipping will likely be cheap.


New 20oz paintball tank.

I've had it since August (filled) and it's remained unused. If you're local, I won't have to drain it. Hydro is good through August 2016.

Will include two free refill packages (pictured) from Dick's and a package of both sizes of O rings.

  • $20 + actual shipping

[STRIKE]Paintball adapter - use for connecting to a full-size/CGA 320 regulator[/STRIKE] - SOLD

  • $5 + $2 First Class shipping

[STRIKE]Two brand new GE timers [/STRIKE]- SOLD


Will have to open up to make shipping easier.

  • $10 for both + actual shipping, they're pretty light weight so should be cheap

[STRIKE]Brand new pH meter:[/STRIKE] - SOLD

[STRIKE]Will include a small screw driver for calibrating

  • $10 + $3 First Class shipping


S. repens - emergent grown - here are some photos:

  • $1 per rooted stem

Bacopa monnieri - emergent, though here's a submerged photo:

  • $1 per stem

Bacopa australis - emergent:

  • $1 per stem/length

B. australis can get really bushy in high-tech environments and will even grow tall in low light situations.

All plants ship via USPS Priority at actual cost (I don't charge for packaging) or $6 for Small Flat Rate. Heat packs are an extra $1.

Private Message me to buy.


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