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cheap heater

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Could anyone recommend to me a good brand for a cheap heater, for a 40 breeder?
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Marina is what one of my LFS recommends and uses. I have one or two and haven't had a problem with them...
The eheim ones are not that much. If you buy the really cheap ones they have a greater chance to fail. I boiled my fish once in a 30 gallon due to a 3 month old heater failing. Most decent heaters are only a few bucks more than the cheaper ones. But that is my experience in trying to get cheap ones on my tanks.

I use all Eheim ones and on my Discus tanks I use the Finnex controllers to be double sure and never had an issue with my heaters since.
Can't verify how long they last. Mine is only a few months old.
I have a 75W one of these in my other ten g tank for three years now.
I prefer this one because of the 75W which the other goes from 50-100 with no 75W one to buy. And I would think that 150W would be best for your tank but the 200W one is just as good. They run shorter periods of time so they don't actually burn more electricity except when you have the tank in a very cold room in which case the smaller one would likely never stop running.
A heater is not something you want to cheap out on. I use heaters by ehiem, hydor, and catalina they are inexpensive and work great.

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I use mostly Aqueon Pro heaters. Either Amazon or sells them at a really good price. They are the best heaters I have ever used and aren't glass.
ihave a eheim 75 watt heater and its on the dot 78 degrees far.
just may have to calibrate it at first but a really good heater.
There is no such thing as a cheap heater. You may pay less for an inferior quality item. However it will cost you more if it fails and you're not around. It only took me one time to learn that lesson back in 1981 with a "cheap" air pump. Never again.
I've been using a ViaAqua heater for more than 1 year. Still working great. Doesn't mean it won't quit tomorrow but same can be true of other heaters. I like that is has easy to read temps and it's easy to adjust withOUT using 2 hands.

I also have an Eheim Jager heater also been in use a year but it's hard to adjust. Mine takes 2 hands .. one to hold the heater & the other to turn the dial. It's really hard to turn for some reason. And I've accidentally turned the calibration ring instead of the temp ring requiring me to recalibrate it. But then again it's nice that the Jager CAN be calibrated .. a definite plus.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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