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I have some extra Anubias Pinto that I’d like to sell. All of them have 10+ leaves. New growth is white. I have had them growing underwater in low-medium light without CO2.
They are $45 each or $125 for 3. That I think is the lowest I have seen them going for on here (USA seller).

I also have some Jackfruit leaves, Guava leaves and Banana leaves. They are all harvested from chemical free environment. I personally use them in my tanks. I have had a lot of people asking me to share so I thought I would post here. I will list what I use the leaves for

Jackfruit leaves: In my blackwater show tanks. Unlike almond leaves, they last a lot longer. They leach a more brownish color tannin than yellowish color tannin that almond leaves leach. Also, they leach very slowly and keep leaching over a longer period of time. I use them with my cories, plecos, South American tetras, whiptails, shrimps and apistos.

Banana leaves: Banana leaves have been used by the betta breeders of Southeast Asia since ages. Just like almond leaves, banana leaves also leach out tannins that are beneficial to the bettas. I use them with my Betta hendra, Betta simorum, Betta mahachai and normal HMPKs and ironmen.

Guava leaves: There are some branded guava leaves available in the market. They are very popular for a reason. They make water very light yellow and shrimps seem to love them for some reason. Also, my apisto fry like to hang out in these leaves as well. Maybe they smell good. LOL. Whatever is the reason, they decompose dead slow and don’t foul the water that almond leaves can do sometimes if nitrogen cycle isn’t established.

I can send you a package containing 10 of each for $12 + shipping (which would be like a dollar or two; first class). Or if you’d like any one kind of leaves, please PM me.

Corydoras melini:
I have some Corydoras melini fry available that are about an inch in size and are 2 Months old. They are F2 and are eating almost anything you throw in the tank. From frozen food to repashy to cultured worms to good quality pallet food and flakes. I don’t use any cheapo food in my fishroom. I highly recommend Ted’s most Excellent fish food for any kind of corydoras fish.
They are at 73-76F in normal tab water which is TDS 150-180, pH 7.1-7.2.
They are $5 each. Shipping will be only next day shipping through UPS. Grab them before the weather gets cold.

They do great in planted tanks (with or without CO2)
Photos are of the parents*

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