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Cheap CO2 tanks?

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Hello I live in longmont and I am having a hard time finding cheap CO2 tanks. Every place I have talked to says I have to buy the tank. Being a very poor college student I cant afford a 100 dollar tank. Anyway does anyone know a place where you can get them cheap ($30-$50 range)? Im not really looking to go really far, denver being the max. Thanks in advance.
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I, too, looked for a cheap tank locally. Ended up going with a new 5lb tank from Great price and reasonable shipping. I get it filled in the city for $8 at Red Comet Fire Extingiusher.
if you want some people use paintball co2 canisters. you could look into that but i think the 20oz ones only last people 1 or 2 weeks as opposed to a reagular 5lb one, dang i dont remember the last time i filled it up. Maybe close to a year now?
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