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cheap co2 System

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Here is my DIY CO2 reactor inline with my canister filter supplied with co2 by a citric acid baking soda mix generator. I also connected a solenoid to cut the CO2 at night.

CO2 generator:
online for $12
2 2-liter bottles

solenoid $15

bubble counter $5

bio balls for inside reactor I already had

check valve $2

found all parts at lowes for about $25
1- 1/4 in pipe
2 elbows
1 tee 1-1/4 (2 outlets) - 1/2 (one outlet)
1 push connector for 1/4 in tubing (co2 line)
1 double side female adapter 1 side thread one not
2 reducer brushings 1- 1/4 to 1/2 threaded female adapter
2 1/2 barbs to 1/2 male adapter
2 clamp rings

-used plumbers tape on threads and on tubing caulk

Note: recommend using a tee with a thread then you dont have to buy the double sided female adapter. this is all they had at my lowes

$55 for the whole shebang
plus baking soda and citric acid which I use about 1 cup of each a month


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