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Hi everyone!
I'm selling all my equipment since I will be turning my planted tank into a nano reef tank. I used all the equipment for around 6 months only. Everything is almost brand new with no marks or use.I have reduced the price since I just received my new materials for a reef tank and it is impossible for me to keep all this at home.
All Driftwood - 75 shipped
* 2 XL pieces of ADA horn wood
* 2 XS pieces of ADA horn wood
* 1 M piece of ADA slim wood
All rocks for 44 shipped
* Around 15 pounds of ADA Yamaya Stone and ADA Kei Stone

*Finnex Planted Plus 24/7 24" (Includes its remote) $65-Shipped

Deals if you buy everything (light +rocks + driftwood)

*Light + driftwood + stones (shipped) = $125[/B]

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message

Comparison with a 30 inch Finnex 24/7

Slim Wood

GLA Regulator with Paintball CO2

My old set up

Some Rocks

All Rocks

Drift wood all
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