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Hello friends.

I am looking to sell off a few imperfect 75g tanks. They have obvious signs of use and some even have a chip or two in glass. The tanks are heavy duty. Slate rock bottoms, perfect for reef/rockscape set up. They hold water just fine.

As said. Tanks have a bit of scratches and one or two have small chips. All hold full water just fine. All panels black but front. Tank divided evenly with glass from bottom panel to brace. Tanks also have 3 bulkheads installed from past plumbing.

My new place wouldnt be able to manage these beast. I planned on keeping them around as emersed grow outs/terrariums / or even a big home for some reptiles.

Ill post pictures soon. Pm me and we can sort out the details.

Looking to get 75 per tank, negotiable.
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