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Charleston area Planted tank club.

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Hey all,
I am new to the hobby and am looking for a group of people in the area who share my intrest. I am sure that there are many others as Tideline seems to empty their planted tank stock pretty regularly. I don't necessarily want meetings or anything but maybe a newsletter or just some email swapping so we can help each other out a bit more directly than through national forums. If anyone is interested let me know.

PS: Anyone in SC would be good but as this isn't the smallest state if we ever wanted to do anything IRL it would be easier if it was a tighter geographic spread.
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I am just establishing my aquarium but I would be interested in meeteing others.
This is a long way from you, but we'll have future meetings in other parts of the state:

The South Carolina Aquarium Association's first official meeting is scheduled for December 10th at Noon. We will meet @ Fuddruckers on Woodruff Rd in Greenville, SC.

Members and non-members welcome to attend (but we'll want you to join - membership's free!)
Do a google search for our website - they keep taking the link down here!
To register, go to the forum link and look for the registration link in the mid/upper left side.

We will be giving away goodies, and doorprizes including a 4 stage RO/DI unit. (may have an Aquatic life 873 gallon per hour marine pump for a doorprize). We will have some items for auction at the meeting.
Oceans Floor store tour to follow! Support those stores that support us!
I'm in Goose Creek. While mostly into fish I'm planning on converting a tank to CO2 here shortly.
I'm in Goose Creek. While mostly into fish I'm planning on converting a tank to CO2 here shortly.
I live downtown and just converted to DIY CO2 myself. I'm probably going to have to some clippings/extras here soon if you're interested in some free plants.
Thanks. Might be a bit yet. I have some assorted Anubias and java ferns and java moss an of course duckweed and hornwort.
My turtle eats it or it goes to the africans. They eat it too.
While it's not a specific planted tank board and more of a reefer board there is an online club of sorts.
Did this become anything..? I think this would be fun too.

Hey! I'm in Goose Creek too!
The SCAA has members all over the state, including Charleston, and many, many, of us have planted tanks. I'm mod for the planted tank section on the forum site. Join us! It's free and we have great doorprizes at our meetings, including free plants and plant swaps.
Our next meeting is in Columbia in June. We are hoping for a lowcountry meeting site soon also.
Lol, we should copy SCAPE in SoCal and make it South Carolina Aquatic Plants Enthusiasts.
Please see the "section" on SC clubs for a post regarding our JUNE 23rd, 2012 Meeting in Columbia, SC!

Lots of door prizes, including a 50 gallon setup to be given away!
Come trade some plants!
Looking for CO2 refill options in the Charleston area. Something other than Airgas.
Looking for CO2 refill options in the Charleston area. Something other than Airgas.
I go to Paintball Charleston in north Charleston
SCAA club mtg and cookout July 13, 2013, at Camden Tropical Aquatics (CTA) located at 1801 Jefferson Davis Hwy in Camden, SC. From 11 am until approximately 4 pm. Open to public. They'll have some plants and we're raffling a full 40B complete with light and stand - FW or SW setup (winner's choice of specific accessories).

Raffles will be held throughout the day with the big raffle being held at approximately 3 pm. A meeting concerning club business, news, and possibly a presentation or two will be held at noon.

CTA's donating four $25 giftcards, a deep blue rimless nano setup with led light, filter, etc, and a few other random items (filters, etc)
By the way, anyone in the area that's looking for free clippings, just msg me, I'm constantly trimming.
new member here! lived in charleston for 4 years and had a 55g fish only set up for a while - but just upgraded to a 92g. planning on making it a heavily planted, high tech setup.
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