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Chara rusbyana

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Anyone know anything about this species of macro algae? I could not find much about it in the context of aquaria, but I found these lovely photos of submerged wild growth, mostly in Brazil. At first I thought it was myrio, but then I remembered that myrio red is a cultivar, so there shouldn't be any color in a wild population.

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Bumping this one more time, just in case.

Very intrigued by this macro algae. That water looks crystal clear - could not have a very high carbon content, I don't think. And I don't think macro algae often grow emmersed, so it's almost certainly a true true aquatic. This could be a great low-tech "plant"
Isn't this a plant that thrives in super high carbonates? I might beconfusing it with some other macro algae though.

At least your bump worked :wink2:
I study algae. This is not Chara rusbyana, but rather probably closer to your first instinct. Some kind of Myriophyllum sp. Chara do not have this kind of feathery 'leaves' (or what are referred to as branchlets in Chara). Chara rusbyana would be found in Brazil, but this is not it.
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