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changing up ei method dosing a bit

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So the solubility of caso4 is killing me. Im going to start doing an auto dosing so ill need to fix that first. So i was thinking of changing the CaSO4 to CaNO3. I know ill have to do a little math to make sure whats going in for calcium and such.
But im able to do that easily. My question is about KNO3 and KSO4. Since ill be adding extra NO3 from the CaNO3 can i just up the KSO4 and drop the KNO3 completely? My tap water is horrible for plants because its >1 kh/gh. With the gh booster it goes to 2kh and 4gh i think. If i can get the solubility set then i might be upping the gh booster....
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Yes, it is possible to switch from calcium sulfate to calcium nitrate. Doing so, you will need to recalculate the math.

You probably will be able to drop the potassium nitrate, but will need to up the potassium sulfate to compensate (note, it is K2SO4, not KSO4).

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well i did out the math. i have everything in units because im going to be converting from volume to mass... but ill be dosing 3x/week, 5/16 Ca(NO3)2, 6/16 KNO3, 12/16 K2SO4. the ending totals end up with the same amount of K, +1/80 Ca (small change), +1/20 NO3 (again small increase), and a +1/8 SO4... i dont think the increase of SO4 will do much to the tank, i do a 75% PWC weekly with my EI. i think i answered my own question that i wont/shouldnt drop the KNO3 completely.... thanks
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