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Changing tanks, layered substrate

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I've come here to rant, and to seek advice.

Right now I have a tank set up with about 1/2 inch of dirt and 1/2 inch of flourite/eco-complete (if that actually added up to 1&1/2 inches). I love the growth and not having to put fertilizers in the tank. I've got plenty of light. plenty of CO2, and plenty of growth and am really happy with it.

I have a fondness for grassy plants and so I am always ripping up strings of runners and generally playing in the dirt. The only issue that I have is the little dirt plumes that get kicked up, and trying to wrestle patches of microsword back under the substrate.


I'll be moving to a new tank over the next month or so, and I am not really sure if I should continue what I've been doing, or if I should try some aquasoil instead. If I use the aquasoil will it be easier to move stuff around and re-arrange? I do worry a little about the dirt plumes that get kicked up when I move stuff around, and in a tank with more current (which I'm hoping for) I'm not so sure the dirt will settle as nicely.

Also, if I do use dirt, should I try to recycle some of this?


Should I use aquasoil or my current dirt/eco-complete?
Is aquasoil forgiving of being shuffled around/does it get blown around?
Should I try to keep some of my current substrate (I'm sure it will be a mess when I try to move it)?
Does anyone know a good way to move layered substrate?
Is it worth trying to save any of my current substrate?
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