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changing substrate

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hey so I have a 5 gallon tank set up with ADA amazonia. I'm using RO remineralized with salty shrimp gh+. I read that the soil gets exhausted after some time, so my question is how long should I wait to change it? and when I do change it, how do I go about this since the new soil leaches ammonia? do I like set up a temporary tank to put my shrimp in for a few weeks? idk, how do yall do it?
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Some people have success with that substrate going on 4+ years I would not worry until the 2 year point. Just check your water every so often
oh wow, thanks :) that's good to hear cause that stuff is expensive lol
Hmmm some people suggest one to one and a half year? Usually I would do some parameter test to make sure the water parameters stable...
ya i'll be keeping a close eye on parameters to stay on the safe side. I'd like to keep taiwan bees in the future. is a temporary tank or a 2nd tank what most people do when it does come time to change?
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