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Hi all!

I have two questions for all of you out there! :D

I just set up my planted tank and have added my first couple plants, 6 ghost shrimp and fish. While the plants did not seem to mind the level of flow in the tank, the fish and shrimp seem to be having some trouble.

Is there any way to change up the flow in the tank? I've been reading about sponge filters but am puzzled as to how to install it on the filter on the JBJ.

Thank you to anyone who writes back. :D

Hope you guys all have a wonderful day!! and are having a wonderful time with your tank!!

PS. Occupants so far...
2 Hillstream Loaches
2 Otocinclus
8 Cardinal Tetras
4 Ghost Shrimp

2 Anubias
1 Amazon Sword
1 Unknown - given to me by LFS guy
1 Marimo
Some Java Moss
1 Lutia
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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