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Lots of people use those sucessfully on the smaller tanks. They usually end up using the 13W to keep down the algae. But going for high tech and using CO2, the 23W
would be good. Most of what you listed is low/med light anyway.
The Macrandra for example may not get as bright of red/w those type lights as it's
likely not to be as high as some have their light. Spray painting the inside of the reflector with high gloss white paint may increase it some if aluminium is the "color" of it. This may interest you. The Home Depot Heavy Duty clamp on light cost $9 and
some take off the clamp, paint the outside black and hang it by the cord from a bookshelf bracket over the tank.
Check the chart on this because you ay want to get a 13W bulb also just in case.
The CFL chart on there says you will have 150 PAR @ 15" with a 23W bulb.
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