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For a while I have been using a needle wheel pump for my co2 diffusion and while it works well, I’m not convinced that just the mist is enough for my sumped setup, not to mention its unsightly. I have not been happy with my plant growth and have noticed some unsightly algae that I believe is due to an imbalance of CO2. I have since acquired a water filter housing to create a cerges style reactor. I will be following the typical setup, however, I’ve incorporated a Venturi line that feeds directly into my needle wheel. Once the bubble at the top reaches that point, the Venturi will suck in the undissolved CO2 and return it to the cerges as a mist that will continue to break down or be shot out. I will have the exit pointed right at my return pump. The Venturi and co2 line are both being fed into the top of the water filter, I drilled two small 3/16 holes and shoved the hoses through. I did it this way so I can see the co2 bubbles being injected as I don’t have a bubble counter (co2 hose isn’t inserted in this picture). I’ll advise my results once it gets going for a while 👍🏻
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