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I'm moving! And there is no way I'm lugging three tanks across the US in my Mini Cooper, not gonna happen.

So time to liquidate. These are for pickup only, I'm not interested in shipping.

9 Gallon Eheim Aquastyle. Eco Complete substrate, lots of healthy plants (more moss than I know what to do with), great driftwood and stones. And a thriving colony of cherry shrimp. HUGE colony of cherry shrimp. Comes with extra filter and all original equipment. I still have the box for the tank. Throwing in all supplies, chemicals, ferts, food, you name it. $100 and pickup at my office. (You tear it down and figure out how to move the little guys.)

Fluval Spec 5 - Full of driftwood, plants, moss, ecocomplete, rocks, etc. Thriving colony of endlers that won't stop breeding. $50. (Finnex Ray an extra $25)

3 Gallon Mr. Aqua bow front with clip on Finnex light and filter plus betta and everything in it (this one has never balanced out right and definitely has algae issues) $30

If you take one of these and you want the endler/natural light jar I've got I'll toss that in as well. Totally balanced ecosystem, happy with natural light and water topoffs.

Pickup only in the Waco, Texas area. These are great tanks, good livestock, but they have to go.
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