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Cell Phone Microscope

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I came across this indestructable this morning and am thinking about taking a stab at it. I love this idea.. I'm going to start collecting materials for this build today and hopefully get moving on this thing.

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.
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That is a really good idea! I am going to keep my eye on this thread, interested to see how this works out.
Interested in how well this will work as a macro lense and what the focal depth is.
Picked up some materials:

Pulled the lens and took some test shots

For scale:

Closer (notice this is the smaller price on that label:

$ with the lens:

It's definitely tough to keep steady..
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Looks likes it works, yeah I bet it is tuff to keep steady. That's one of my main issues, I always try and find something to rest on.
Depending upon the camera a point and click 12mp+ camera might be better. I used to carry a hand lens in the fields. Now I just use my camera and zoom. You can see stuff like fungus sporilation
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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