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What that guy said haha.
Go to the For sale part of the forums. Theres a guy selling The CPD's your looking for. Some beautiful fish, thats for sure.
As for moss, i personally buy mine on the bay from a guy in like malaysia or something lol.
Get three pads around 3"x3" for 7 or 8 bucks. won two lots in an auction, one for 7$ one for 9$ So 16$ For six of em o_0. shipped..

Hey, how much flame moss do you need? I have one of my grown out pads which is kind of extra. its like 3-4" long lol. Idc ill keep the new ones and hook ya up with the grown out one if you REALLY need it and cant find em elsewhere. Dont think i need 9 pads of flame moss.
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