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ok thanks for the input. I have both groups in a 10 gallon right now, already loving these little guys. I don't plan to resell or anything of that nature, so if they big deal in my book.
Hey, its been a few years since this thread. Did they ever end up breeding? I have a school of dwarf emeralds in my 20 gallon, started with 2 and bred them and now have 4 juveniles. I got a CPD when I worked at PetCo (we got in a shipment and there was only 1 not DOA and I was supposed to euthanize it so it didnt spread disease to the other fish but I took pity and took it home, so I only have 1). I put it in my 20 gallon with the dwarf emeralds, I was wondering what their offspring would look like if they did interbreed (although it's not my intention and I can move the CPD to the 40 gallon if I'm really worried about it, but he'd have no one to school with)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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