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cbs having crs babies?

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ok so i am finaly seeing babies in my crystal black tank (thanks nick i love them)
im sure they have been there a while but just now comeing out where i can see them. setting right next to a black and whit is a red and white. how often does this happen? there have never been crs in this tank and i dont cross nets and have not added plants to this tank in months and both babies are the same size. and should i leave it or move it?

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happens all the time, somewhere in its past there's a CRS grandparent or parent.
would have to be grandparent at least cause all parnents are cbs. does it mess with the color any if i cross the red and black? i dont want to lose any red in my crs in the other room but they are just a/s grade NOT prl's
Except for purelines, CRS and CBS are kept together a lot of time from breeders. Adding some CBS to an CRS population is a great way to get some new genes in your lines.

A CBS x CRS will produce CBS babies that will all have CRS recessive genes. Every once in a blue moon, you will get brown crystals from these mixes where the black and red seem to become co-dominant, but they don't seem to breed true if you breed them back and the browns will produce reds or black offspring.
Some goldens may also pop out as well...
To oversimplify it: CRS in most cases seem to be a recessive, so when 2 CBS carry the recessive and mate- out pop CRS too.
I found that color traits seems to pass over well regardless of red or black. For example, this CRS has bred with a CBS and the babies are starting to have nice black legs like she has red legs.

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Some goldens may also pop out as well...

Goldens will not pop out on the purelines, but on the regualr there is a good chance you will get some goldens. Especially if they are higher grade SS-SS+
Fairly common to have... a CRS will show up now and then if it has 2 red genes. My understanding is that any other combination will remain CBS ie: red and black genes or black and black genes. If they have bred with anything else, who knows. Mischlings are crystal shrimp (red or black) that have crossed with BKK's ,Wine reds, or any other fancy or new color shrimps.

Please correct me if I got this wrong, this was an explanation that was passed on to me.
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