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catfishbi's ADA 60P

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okey redoing my 60p now.

pull out everything and cleaned the soil and putting the Erios.
most Erio are from this tank.

6 Erio Japan
4 Erio amanoanum
5 Australian blood.

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looks great!! in the last two pictures, what plants are those? they look really neat! please excuse me if this is a noob question, but thats what i am haha
Erio amanoanum, and Erio Japan.
I'd do the hardscape before you do anything further. It determines where the plants are going to go and with all of those erios who don't always like to be moved around, I would do it once now before its something more large scale.
you need a solar light on that ada hanger! haha that would be nice but it looks ok like it is
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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