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Catching BBA in its early stages! Help!

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Ok so I have noticed BBA on a few of my Val Nana leaves... Now I notice it on my dwarf Sag (only on three leaves).... Am I being paranoid or should I start some kind of treatment...

75 gal.. lights on for 10 hours, 260W for a good 6 hours, 130W for the first and last hour or so... EI dosing and regular H2O cahnges... The tank is less than a month old...

SAES, Ottos, Yoyo's and RCS stock the tank...

Inj CO2 via diffuser... soon to be changed to a reactor though...

What to do?

Thanks Josh
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You can pluck out the effected leaves but that is just a band aid. I would cut down to 130w of light for 8 hours or so until you can get a proper method for co2 diffusion/dispersion. Then crank it back up.
More CO2, reduce photoperiod to ~8 hours, remove affected leaves and spot treat any remaining BBA with H2O2. That should halt it in its tracks.
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