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Catalina Power CFL

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Hello again! It's me with the 1,000 questions...

I've been looking for a good light for the 10 gallon I'm going to be setting up, that will allow me to grow a wide variety of plants. I think that any of the T5 set ups will probably be far too much light for this tank.

I found this one at Catalina's website. I can order it with a 6500K full spectrum bulb, but was curious as to whether or not this light will be good when it comes to growing a wide variety of plants. What would you rate it as? Low light, med light, high light?
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Why not go with the Finnex Fugeray-R?

It's cheaper than the light you are considering and will last a lot longer. Plus it has the red LEDs that are all the rage these days. I'm getting a new 10g in a week or two, and I've been evaluating my lighting options. However, if I decide to go with an open top, I'm definitely going with the Finnex rather than a brooder lamp with a cfl bulb. The only thing that will change my mind is if my local Petco has a $1/gallon sale starting this Sunday. In that case, I'll get a 10g kit for $10 and just replace the bulbs in the hood with cfls. Ultimately, I would upgrade the light and go open-top, but the initial savings is too much for me to pass up. The extra savings would allow me to buy other aquarium items that I'd really like to get.
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