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Cat Palm Riparium Kit

Cat palm (Chamaedorea cataractarum) is one of the most attractive riparium background plants. In its native Southern Mexico and Central America it grows along the margins of rainforest streams. As a true water-associated plant it grows very well in riparium planters. Most other palms cannot grow with their roots in permanently-saturated soil. I recommend planting it in two or three planters to use as erect foliage background, then combining with a few other riparium plants.

This complete riparium kit will give you everything you need to establish a couple of vigorous cat palm plants...

  • FOUR 6"-15" Cat Palm Seedlings
  • TWO Riparium Hanging Planters - planter cups, suction cups, instruction sheet
  • TWO Portions Riparium Planter Gravel
  • USPS Priority Shipping
Take all of this for $29 shipped. This is a good deal that counts the gravel as complimentary.

Here is a shot from a while ago showing two established 24" cat palms in a planter.

This is my 50G setup when I had it planted with several cat palms and some other plants.

With its erect habit and open foliage, cat palm also looks good in combination with small tanks, even though it grows up pretty tall (to 36"+). The picture below shows a few cat palm plants and other foliage as riparium plants in my low & broad 6.5G nano tank. The effect here is similar to a bonsai tree growing in the area above a bonsai pot.

Thanks for reading! Just let me know if you have any questions.


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