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Hi. I am a quasi-experienced hobbyist. I had a 29 gallon tank with HOB filter and learned the ropes. Now, I have graduated to a 54-gallon planted discus aquarium, with a canister filter. The temperature for the discus is at 86 degrees F. I am using AquaSolum Black Humate gravel. I am also dosing with CO2 for the first time. My Amazon Spears and Jungle Val look great. I have been trying to carpet the gravel in front of the aquarium. The aquarium is too hot for Dwarf Baby Tears. I have tried two batches of Monte Carlo to no avail. The batches have been hard to stay anchored (no roots to speak of) and they basically fall apart after a week. Any thoughts on a plant that will work well to be a low-lying carpet for the front of my aquarium? Thanks.
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Maybe one of the smaller Crypts? I don't know their temperature limits, but I have had a variety of C. x wilissii that stayed very short as a foreground, and C. beckettii doesn't get too large (good foreground in a deeper tank).
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