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Carpeting an established 5 gallon? Attempting a mini rescape

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Hey everyone. I have had my first planted tank up and running for 6 months to varied degrees of success (picture below!). It had a medium amount of growth, but I had to toss all my java moss due uncontrollable algae and gave away an amazon sword because I did not realize how quickly it would outgrow my tank.

So now I am left with some bacopa and the remnants of micro sword and would like to add more. I'm thinking of upgrading with a co2 system - preferably the fluval 45g co2 kit. Does anyone have experience with this or suggestions for how to upgrade it? I am not concerned about replacing the canisters so I'm not interested in a larger/more expensive co2 build. I do however want to make sure I'm getting the correct bpm.

My substrate is flourite black and I would like to carpet it. I'm assuming I'll need a bunch of root tabs, but which plant would be my best bet? I feel like dwarf baby tears would be difficult to plant based on my experience, but what about monte carlo? Saggitaria is cool but in such a small tank its more of a midground plant. Any suggestions?

As for background plants I love bacopa, and I'm thinking of adding ludwigia repens and cyryptocoryne wendtii. I'd like to plant the tank a bit more densely this time and give my betta a bit more to explore. I'm also thinking of putting a bit of christmas moss on the rocks and maybe adding a banana plant, java fern, or anubias to the driftwood.

FYI my light is a Hygger 13 watt blue/white LED and I dose aquarium co-op easy green once a week. I will probably use aquarium co-op root tabs going forward.