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Carpet with strong, long roots

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Here is the problem: I've got nice monte carlo carpet, but my young kribensis always try to hide under it. After some digging there are many smaller and bigger holes under it. When those holes appear ropefish take it for playgroud, yey, let's play under carpet... LET'S UNROOT IT ALL. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little, but every week while trimming I have to replant some of my carpet, it's frustrating. So - do you know any plants that won't get unrooted so easily? (For low-medium light 4x39W T5 over 345 litres tank)
Is there any smaller and denser cryptocoryne than parva? Crypts have strong roots, so it would be great. Or maybe DHG would do the trick?
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My opinion is DHG would definitely do the trick once it takes and starts to become dense, it is pretty impenetrable.
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Decided to try everything - ordered one tissue culture cup of DHG, one of echinodorus tenellus and some cryptocoryne parva. Will see, what works best, maybe I'll try to document it, it's typical problem with dwarf cichlids to unroot everything.
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