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Hi all, so i really want a carpet plant in my 55g high tech. Now i have med/high light but i think it is quite low light at the substrate (2 x T5HO 54w), good co2, good flow and EI dosing.
So far i has tried:
HC- No chance, fine in my 13g though :)
dwarf hairgrass- which grew well when it was new but always seemed to get clogged with debris so turned ugly after a while.
Glosso- always wanted to grow towards the light and not along the bottom.
Amazon micro sword- this is whats in the tank now and doesnt seem to be settling very well at all, after 2 weeks leaves are browning and no sign of any shoots.

I have always been patient with planting, 2-3 stems in a little bunch every inch or so with root tabs an inch under the substrate throughout.

I need a suggestion of a low lying carpet that is reasonably unfussy.... any suggestions???
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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