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Hi Everyone!

I want to plant a carpet! What species grows well in a tropical sand/soil tank, what grows well in a cooler gravel tank? I'm a beginner.

I'm debating between Pygmy Chain Sword or Java Moss carpet...but my friend said to do a micro sword carpet...

Tank 1 - 15 gallons
Lighting: 75 Watt home depot grow light (incandescent)
Flora: Giant Hygro, Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Peace lily is growing emergent, one marimo Ball
Fauna: none. Eventually a betta fish.
Substrate: Soil with a thin sand layer
Filter: Tetra whisper internal power filter 10-30 gallons
Heater: 15 gallon submersible Aqueon, set at 77 degrees

Tank 2 - 2.5 gallon

Light: 36 watt light (Costco Happylight energy by verilux, with plastic blocking because the light is too high)
Flora: A baby amazon Sword because it wasn't doing well in the sand of the 15 gallon.
Fauna: eventually ghost shrimp. Currently Nico the betta fish and his heater are emergency hospital guests after a snail infestation, filter breakdown, fin rot, etc.
Substrate: Standard gravel under the UGF. Soil under the plant.
Filter: Undergravel topfin with a 5 gallon air pump.
Heater: eventually none. Shrimp don't need one.

Plants are happy! Except the Amazon Sword. Before I smashed my bulb accidentally the sword used to grow like a weed in the 2.5 gallon. It was way too big for that tank. I think it hates the 15g-sand, so I moved a baby sword back to the 2.5g-gravel.
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