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Wow, that looks great in your tank. Can I ask you where you got it? Thanks!
thats not my tank... I just pulled that one from google real fast.
I got mine form a pond section in a garden center. It was sold as a marginal plant... one that sits on the edge the water. When its grown like that it has large four leaf clover leaves. but put in a tank, it grows short and to just one leaf in about... a month or two.
Check on here as there and many different type of it I believe... I just got what was local. Or check a pond store. Even if they dont sell it they ussually have it growing on the side.. Ask if you can take some...
Btw trim the clovers down after its been there for a couple days.. They just will stay there and look weird against ur carpet of short plants..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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