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caring for plants?

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as you probably know, im pretty new too planted tanks. so i have alot of questions. now that i have one some of the leaves turned brown and have some kinda stuff on it. should i just remove the dead leaves and rub the brown stuff off?

i have a 30g, 65w coralife, and flora-base substrate.

thanks for the help!, so for the inconvience.
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Welcome to the site :D

Do you dose any sort of ferts or co2 into your tank?

Does the "brown stuff" rub off easily? How long have the tank been up?
i have a little yeast co2 thing i bought, its a Red Sea C02 Bio System. and i use this Kent Pro-Plant that my cousin gave me. the tank has been setup since may 27, 2007, still fairly new. should i have changed the water?
Im not sure what the kent pro-plant deal is but I think you need to do a little more research on fertilization with aquatic plants.

All these are needed in the water for plants to thrive. Developing a routine will help insure plants make it and beatr algae.

Some case magnesium and calcium are also needed but you form Houston and I know you guys have ok water in that direction.

The red sea will work ok for your tank.
does seachem flourish excell cover all of those ferts? or do i need to buy each fert seperate? is there any one product that will work? i have also read about root tabs how do those help the plants??

thanks for the help.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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