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Caridina VS Neocaridina

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For those of you who have experience in both these genise, a few questions.

IYE, do the neocaridina swim more and "flick" away when scared?

IYE, do the caridina Crawl more and crawl away when scared?

just trying to ID some of my shrimp, but i think this could be a usefull thread to beginners.

(IYE=In your experience)
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IYE, Neocaridina (in this case RCS) do seem to flick away when scared, or try to eat whatever I poked it with. Caridina (in this case Amano and Bee shrimp,) seem to walk away, then flick away if I pursue.

I also noticed that Caridina aren't very good at sharing food. They seem to pick it up and run away with it, while the Neocaridina seem to pick at it and share it with 10s of other brothers and sisters.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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