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Caridina sp. "Blueberry Bee"/Sulawesi Complex

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Does anyone have any information on this shrimp? I have read that they thrive in lower temperatures similar to Serrata Complex shrimp, but the Ph is what is worrying me. It seems evident that they can survive in soft water, but I cannot find any literature on their fry. Any opinions? I want to see if I can bring out any patterns that Serrata Complex shrimp cannot. Thanks for reading and help!

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What a lot of LFS and others call blueberry bee I believe is actually Cardina Babaulti blue.
Some of these shrimps do not stay blue, but change colors like orange, reddish brown, blackish etc. They do just fine in PH 7.6 as I kept mine in that and they breed just fine too, but babies are not the same color as the adults!
I think Justin refers to a different type of shrimps from Sulawesi.


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Yes, I am referring to the shrimp guppies is showing.
There are some indonesian lakes and streams with soft, acidic parameters. I believe the temperature must be at least 76F for these types of 'sulawesi' shrimp. There is very scant information regarding the above in english translations.
looks like a regular bee shrimp to me! Black and white Diamonds I think a lot of people call them, but they are just bee shrimps...If this is what you want you can get them here!
It's not a bee shrimp, they are caridina sulawensis var "blueberry bee" or "mambo bee". Looks can be deceiving, anna

The coloration and adult size of this shrimp differ greatly from the Chinese Caridina cf. cantonensis "Bee". So, any information? I've never heard of acidic water being found in Sulawesi through the loads of literature XD

I know some rivers on the island of Sulawesi are acidic, especially towards the coast... no surprise there, most rivers are acidic due to soil erosion and humic/tannic acid from rotting vegetation.

I guess it would all depend on whether the blueberry bees are from rivers or lakes. If they are river shrimp, they are probably good in soft/acid. Lake shrimp are a different beast (which you would know if you've kept any cardinals, harlequins, etc). Long term stability is what lake shrimp need.
I'm going to try to raise them in typical CRS conditions and hope for the best. If it doesn't work out, I'll try to transition to more lake-like conditions.
I looked them up on my list and yes you are right they are different from regular bee shrimps...very similar to the Mambo bee. Are they blue or black??? I have a contact in Indonesia that I can get all different kinds of shrimps and they are on the list!

I want Indio Blue Bees and six Banded blues myself....
The Indo Blue Bee will not stay blue and tend to turn orange.

They are black with a very light hint of blue.
The white parts on these guys sometimes turn pinkish too. I don't think they come from the lake systems because they look too different from the vibrant/smaller species such as cardinal.
I'm going to try to raise these guys in normal CRS parameters.

Are their fry benthic?
sorry to drag up an old thread, but wondering if you tried these guys and had any luck? I like the look of them with the really dark blue and white diamond.
(and I like that you're in Issaquah... Howdy neighbor!)
hello there! :smile:
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